Energy, environment and innovation

It is the responsibility of the planning to ensure an environment which supports human dignity and develops and protects the natural foundations for life. In addition, the requirements of climate protection should also be considered, both in terms of precautions to counter climate change and those which serve to adapt to it. The prerequisites for economical use of energy and the development of renewable energies must be created. This is also anchored in the regional planning law and the building code.

Biogas plant KarbenBarrage Offenbach

We acquire and develop the necessary energy and environment-related data for various planning purposes and develop concrete projects for the sustainable development of the area of the Regional Authority and the FrankfurtRheinMain metropolitan region. Below you will see a list of our responsibilities in the areas of energy and the environment.



Solar plant Offenbach
  • Climate protection (mitigation): reduction of the causes of climate change (e.g. reduction of CO2 emissions)
  • Climate adaption: adaptation to the unavoidable effects of climate change
  • Ensuring sustainable energy supply by developing renewable energies and conservative use of energy
  • Coordination of regional projects (hinge function between EU/federal government/state and districts/municipalities)

Find out more about regional energy supply, energy consumption and CO2-emissions in our Climate-Energy-Portal (German).


Wind power station at Schöneck / Frankfurt skyline
  • Develop, restore, and secure the functionality of soil and water, animals and plants, climate and air (including any interactions)
  • Secure and develop landscape, cultural and material assets
  • Reduction of the use of open spaces for settlement and traffic areas
  • Protection of human health from environmental burdens (such as noise, pollution of soil, water, air, and accident risks)

Find out more about our environmental topics (including the environmental assessment) here (German).


Tools: regional preparatory land use plan, landscape planning, environmental testing, regional monitoring, regional energy concept, events, working groups, project development, exhibitions.